The convention: sharing the knowledge and experience of employees

The professional agreement makes it possible to improve the situation of the worker, whether in the professional or private field. It also makes it possible to supplement the employment contract in order to improve the working conditions of employees. This agreement therefore takes precedence over the interest of the employee so that he or she can feel comfortable in carrying out his or her work. The implementation of a professional agreement requires the involvement of all the actors in the company to help the employees. The agreements can be notions on working conditions or professional agreements that have a relationship with a specific theme. We are therefore going to talk about the convention in terms of sharing knowledge and experience of employees. For this we will first define the professional agreement after the role of the agreement within the company and finally the contribution of the agreements towards the employees.

Definition of the professional agreement

The agreement is an agreement between the actors of a company and the employees. It may concern the working conditions of employees to supplement the employment contract. It differs from the collective agreement in terms of the scope of its application. The agreement may therefore contain rules specific to its occupation or speciality in relation to its profession. The statements in the agreement must contain conditions favourable to the situation of the employees. These agreements may vary from one company to another in relation to its field of activity. These professional agreements are established by the employees’ unions by defining the rights and obligations of the employees within the company. The involvement of all members of the company is really necessary in the establishment of the agreement. It is a document written as a contract that is the result of negotiations between the management and the employees’ unions. These trade union delegates are the representatives of the employees who are able to make decisions on their behalf.

The role of the agreement within the company

The professional agreement thus makes it possible to favour the employee’s situation within the company so that he can develop professionally. It complements the employment contract. It includes the various criteria concerning the employment and the professional situation of the employees such as the length of the notice period or holidays. The agreements are then adapted to the company’s field of activity, which differs from one company to another. There is also the flexibility in terms of the negotiations between the employees’ unions and the employers to find an agreement for the improvement of the workers’ situation. The topics to be discussed are left to the discretion of the negotiators and can be broad. It may concern the field of activity of the company, the treatment of employees and improvements for its development which they must take into account. Negotiations may concern the life of employees in the work or private sphere.

The contribution of agreements towards employees

The agreement can therefore be a contribution for the employee for his or her development. During the negotiation, the improvement of their working qualities can be a subject of discussion. It can be a sharing of knowledge in a specific field. Some employees sometimes have qualities that others do not, so it will be an opportunity to help each other to improve the quality of the work provided. There are also employees who have already worked for a long time in the company so they have gained some experience. In relation to that; in the establishment of the agreements, the opinion of these employees who already have experience is very useful. The establishment of the professional agreement can therefore be a sharing of know-how or knowledge in a specific field or experience also for the improvement of the workers’ situations within the company.

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