With team building, it’s all about team cohesion!

A few years ago, companies were content with regular seminars or speeches to remind them of the importance of team cohesion. Those days are over! Most managers now opt for team building from time to time. From now on, it is proving to be the most effective way to strengthen team cohesion.

The objectives of a team building

This concept was created in 1980, with the aim of creating or strengthening links within a team, a group of staff or even the company in general. In fact, this is the very meaning of the word: team building. It includes all the small repairs that are necessary along the way, such as the untying of conflicts, improving communication, creating a sense of belonging, …

The aim is to achieve real team cohesion in their work. During the team building day, collective activities are a must. The idea is to make people live common experiences in order to arouse group emotions, hence the spirit of belonging. Team building also works towards certain objectives. For new employees, it is the most suitable moment to build relationships with colleagues. It is therefore a better way to integrate them, knowing that a successful integration will determine their effectiveness in the company.

During this day, all activities are supposed to be fun, even if they are about learning. The same goes for resolving certain conflicts. With role-playing, exchanges outside of work, therefore, without hierarchical positions, employees get to know each other in a different way. Moreover, a few games allowing role reversals lead to a better understanding of each other. This also encourages better communication between employees.

Conditions for successful team building

In order to achieve all its goals, it is important that the team building itself is a success. Within this framework, certain conditions are necessary.

First of all, everything must be well organized. This day should not be decided on a whim, at the risk of demotivating everyone for the event. The date must be decided and announced at least one month in advance. This way, there will also be time to prepare all the activities. Indeed, everything is played on games and various animations during this recreational day.

For the activities, or even the places, getting the whole team involved is an excellent way to get them more involved. Moreover, this is an advanced beginning of cohesion. However, the ideal would be to really take a day apart, outside the company. It is even advisable to take a trip out of town. Don’t skimp on the details, because the success of the company is also at stake. If no staff can take care of the organization, it is always possible to turn to professionals in the field. It is also important to set clear objectives for the process. In this context, it is important that the whole team is aware of these so that they can put their own into it.

Impact of the results on the quality of the work

The team building, according to the above-mentioned objectives, is dedicated to the staff. However, the stakes are much higher for the company. Team cohesion is always beneficial for the company. Indeed, with an excellent connection, a team can develop a common intelligence. The same goes for motivation, both individual and collective. A good relationship between employees is what motivates everyone.

After this expedition day, active communication is also part of the agenda! The exchanges and atmosphere outside of work allow everyone to take a step back and see each person from a different angle. The reticence and mistrust of each person can at this time give way to understanding. Hence a good working atmosphere. However, it is important to remember that this post-team building effect will not last forever. We must always look for a way to maintain this cohesion.

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