How to equip yourself for a stand at a trade fair?

The trade fair is the ideal place for a company to make itself known or to approach new customers. It is also an opportunity to showcase the company through its stand. With this in mind, several companies specialising in the design of advertising media contribute to the layout of trade fair stands, depending on space constraints.

An original stand to make the difference

Renting a space at a trade show is an important investment that the company must make as much money as possible. The communication and visibility of the trade show stand are the keys to a company’s success. In order to bring a large number of visitors to the stand, it must be functional and set up so that it can comfortably discuss with prospects. Thus, having a few pieces of furniture is not an unnecessary surplus. The choice of colours is also important. Pretty colours can quickly catch the eye, while colours that are too busy can betray bad taste. The lighting of the stand must be taken into account to define the atmosphere. A too bright light is not recommended, opt instead for a subdued light. Signage is essential for communicating with visitors to the exhibition. It should be as simple as possible so as not to inconvenience visitors.

The different types of stand

As the stand is the company’s showcase at a trade show, it is important to choose one that is adapted to its needs and fits its budget.

First there is the individual stand that is tailor-made for the needs of the company. The company colours or logo are clearly visible and suitable for the large stand. Despite its prohibitive price, the individual stand will have more impact on increasing the number of visitors. Secondly, the modular stand consists of numerous modules, for example wooden or plastic boards. The composition of the individual modules makes up a medium-sized stand. It costs less than the individual stand. Foldable stands are very light and can be easily stored and transported in a vehicle. The stand pack is supplied with all furniture and accessories, like a turnkey house. It is an easy to assemble stand, but customization is limited. Finally, it has the collective stand for people with a limited budget. The collective stand can be a grouping of several stand packs or modular. Don’t forget the possibility to rent a stand that allows you to reduce expenses during a trade show.

The main special equipment for the best stand

For a trade show, equipment and supplies are to be provided, for example green plants or bouquets of flowers as decoration. Furniture such as a table, coat racks or shelves are also part of the storage equipment. Advertising materials, which are manufactured by specialised companies, should not be forgotten. The advertising totem pole is both a decoration and a landmark for visitors who can see it from a distance. It can be personalised on both sides and can be illuminated. To receive visitors, it is essential to have a reception desk and a hostess. The hostess will distribute brochures or business cards at the same time.  To signal the stand, the kakemono is essential. This large panel can be hung on the wall or any other support. Don’t forget the traditional communication tools such as the poster or banner, which always have their place in a trade show. Good advertising equipment in a trade show can make the difference in attracting future customers.

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