Opt for the tote bag, the trendy marketing trump card!

All means are good to promote your brand’s products or activity. The personalized tote bag is a very good tool for this purpose. It is particularly useful and multifaceted. This personalized tote bag can be adapted to any event or product and can circulate any type of message. However, you must choose it well. Customer needs are specific and so are projects. Therefore, it is better to order totes bags adapted to your communication. Your image is at stake. It is then essential to take into account various parameters such as budget, quality of the fabric, robustness of the bag, customer needs, etc.

Type of bag and target audience

You should know that your tote bag isn’t going to touch everyone. It depends on where you’re going and who you’re targeting. You also need to know if you want your customers to keep your bag to promote your image over the long term.

The type of bag differs if your customer base is predominantly male or female. This is also the case if it is to promote your biggest customers, if you want to distribute it in a certain quantity or rather to the general public…

By selecting your target, you can better determine the style of your tote bag. Personalized bags, organic bags or luxury bags are not aimed at the same target. Each profile is different and therefore the circumstances are not the same.

Identify your target and the context in which you distribute your tote bags. This way, you can give them the best conditions of sale. In this way, you optimise your investment.

The aesthetic aspect of the tote bag

A cotton tote bag or a personalised fabric tote bag can help you enormously in your marketing strategy. The difference between the two types of bags is in the raw material used to make them.

The cotton tote bag is made of natural, or bio-natural cotton. The printing will therefore be screen printed on it. As for the fabric bag, it is made of non-woven polypropylene. As for the printing, it will be done by re-culturing.

This is a printing technique on a dubbing printer. It consists of printing directly on the existing bag. This is the opposite of automatic manufacturing, which combines the manufacture of the tote bag and printing of the visual at the same time.

A trendy but ecological accessory

Since the law of July 2016, plastic bags have been banned from sale. However, your customers can reuse the customised tote bag fabric. In addition, it is foldable and light, so it can easily be stored in a pocket or bag.

Its name “tote bag” is not just symbolic. It is a must-have accessory for your customers because of its style and comfort. It has wide handles that are sewn securely. It also has an exceptional longevity, and it is possible to wash it cold.

So, opt for personalized tote bags, these advertising bags are available in several colours. So you can find the model, the shape or the material you like. You also have the possibility to choose the size you want. It is a very good means of communication that will boost your notoriety.

Finally, by adding personal information of your company such as your logo, your contact details and your slogan, your personalized tote bag will be a real advertisement. It will circulate everywhere, in the office as well as in the street, etc. This bag is a real marketing asset in addition to being hyper trendy.

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