The press kit: essential for a good presentation of your brand

Communicating is the backbone of a brand, an event or a company. To this end, the press kit presents an opportunity to showcase a product. What should be understood about this document? What should be included? What should be taken care of? Discover in this article the answer to these questions to demonstrate its importance.

What is a press kit?

A press kit contains information about the company, its product or event. It is presented as an ID card, a data kit for journalists to help them write their article. Its purpose is to arouse a scribe’s interest and inspire him or her to write a story or conduct an interview. It should be a one-stop shop for all the information media professionals need about the company or brand. In the past, a press kit was often found in a cardboard folder, but thanks to the technological revolution, they now exist in digital format that can be downloaded from the site or attached as an email attachment.

What is in the press kit?

There are a few basic elements that should always be included despite some variations according to company policy. First of all, it is important to make the company’s history known to the public. This step consists of giving an explanation of its raison d’ĂȘtre. If we do a small tour of existing press kits on the NET, we can observe the presence of the mission statement, and their process. For a journalist, having these elements sums up what the company or brand is worth as a symbol. The company’s communications manager must therefore convey the facts about the company and the product. For example, how many customers are there? How many years has the company been on the market? What is its annual turnover? Where is the company located? What are the values conveyed? Etc.

The press kit must also contain high definition images to illustrate the articles, or the logo. Good graphic quality is generally indispensable for printing. Thus, it is not uncommon to see online press kits indicating a link to download the raw vector file.

The contact details of the individual who may be interviewed or any other relevant personalities should also be included. In order to assist the journalist and provide interesting information for his or her research, a brief biography of the individual should be included. Three paragraphs are more than sufficient for the presentation. If an event is scheduled, as much information as possible should be provided. In this case, the press release should include quotes from the team member available for an interview.

What must be respected?

Other elements are at the forefront to ensure the success of the communication, especially the press kit. The relevance of the latter requires knowledge of the target audience. Communication with the press is an opportunity to showcase oneself, so it is forbidden to miss it. When thinking about preparing this type of document, one also considers the websites and publications on which one wishes to be present. We also need to think about how to make media coverage easier. If you need help creating your press kit, you can use an application to generate one or ask a consultant in this field to offer practical advice. The press kit presents itself as an essential platform for the visibility and identity of a brand. It gathers all the information concerning the brand to facilitate the writing of interested journalists.

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